Double Lives


We are parents who hold our children on our lap while listening to conference calls about the latest developments in fighting poverty. We are individuals who hold corporate jobs and sneak to an empty cubicle to call our politicians on pending humanitarian issues being voted on in Congress that day. We are students, who arrange to be absent from class for 2 days so we can travel to DC on our owndime to attend the CARE National Conference and lobby with our officials about hunger and gender-based violence. We are retirees that use our free time to meet with Senators in our home district to make sure they know that their constituents want action for the mother in India, Africa and Asia who has to choose which child to feed that night.

Yesterday, Congress passed H.R. 2410, a bill that includes authorizationfor anOffice for Global Women's Issues. The Prevention of Child Marriage provisions, also provisions for Food Security are included in that bill. These are the issues which CARE advocates took to Washington, DC last month.

Yesterday, I felt a personal connected to this legislation. It could be because I”m a CARE advocate or maybe because I'm a woman, but I think it is becauseI amhuman.

Thank you fellow volunteer CARE advocates for leading these double lives. The joy of yesterday happened in part – because of you.