Let's help save Africa


It has been a lifetime problem for the villagers of Africa. Some cry with tears, some are in pain the very moment I wrote this and some are gasping their last breath. All because of one thing, Poverty. Poverty seems to be a part of their everyday lives. From the moment they were born up to their moment of death. With nothing to eat, they struggle. Would you know how it feels to see your children or grandchildren starve to death? Could you imagine innocent infants, suffer and die because of HIV/AIDS?

The percentage of citizens dying in Africa is increasing every year. According to a custom writing from UNICEF, a child dies from HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty often before their fifth birthday and about 4 million newborns die worldwide during their first month of life. Poverty leads to deprivation of one's everyday necessity. Without proper food and nourishment, what could be the tendency? Statistics show that more than 1 billion children do not have access to one or more of their basic needs nad 90 percent of them suffer from long-term malnourishment.

If we analyze carefully, Africa has the potential to stand up as one of the richest countries in the world. Now the question is, what could be the reason why Africa is so poor? Poverty is present in Africa because of greedy leaders. The truth is Africa always have the resources ever since. The only problem is that the African politicians only thinks about themselves that they only serve the educated and the people of the higher class. What happened to the true meaning of being a public servant? Graft and corruption still rules the whole continent and that is the reason why poverty is rising.

So what can we do to help the people of Africa? Our donation can be a big help and we can extend our reach through the help of fund raising institutions for Africa. At the same, Prayer is good especially for those who ar sick and suffering from hunger. Let us pray to God for them to be given enough strength to handle situations and pour them blessings. We all know how heavy their burden is every single day. It is never too late to help. Act now!