Livelihood of Poor: A CENTRE AGENDA OF Climate Change Talk

Climate change is not only a debate among the sellers and buyers of CO2. It is the related to the livelihood of poor and marginalized people which are under the risk situation as the impacts of the climate change.d

The affects of the climate change can observed around the world, however the poor, marginalized people of the poor world are adversely suffering. The developed and industrialized countries those are liable and responsible for climate change should honest, accountable to address the impacts also.

The impacts of the climate change are observed elsewhere. Occurring of drought, flood and unpredictable rain fall patterns have adversely influenced on biodiversity, plants” habitats and habits including agricultural activities in local level. Numbers of evidences are noted as the impacts of climate change in local level, such as: change in vegetation pattern, habitat expansion of crops and species, and loss of biodiversity (some valuable species). These have big implications to the livelihood system of the local communities especially poor and marginalized groups. Resulted is that women and children under poor, marginalized group are more vulnerable and in risk conditions. The situation is being worst and unpredictable. Every year hundreds of people are suffering, due to the exposure of vector-borne diseases like; as malaria, diarrhea, cholera and hunger. Likewise thousands of people are displaced as the flood and landslide victims in the country.

The negotiations process of the climate change is still uncertain and unpredictable. To address and response of current vulnerabilities therefore, has become an urgent need. I think livelihood of the poor vulnerable communities should be a center theme for making strategies and measures to cope the impacts of climate change as they are likely to become more prevalent.

Communities are trying to response to address the threats of climate change in local level based on practical experiences and knowledge. But these initiations are not adequate to address the magnitude of climate change threats. Therefore need base technology is an important to minimize the effects of the climate change and to develop the appropriate technology and capacity enhancement of the people are also crucial issues to address the results and impacts of the climate change.

On this context, the developed nations who are more responsible to debasing the climate should pay more attention and priority on livelihood of the poor people of the poor world during the of climate change talks.