New Storm Threatens Myanmar


Many articles have appeared in the news today reporting that a new storm is approaching the cyclone-devastated area of Myanmar. Early indications predict that the storm will dump heavy rains on already-saturated areas of Myanmar but is unlikely to develop into another significant tropical cyclone. In either case, the outcome will be dire, adding to the flooding and misery across the Irrawaddy Delta and the capital city of Yangon.
Today, the U.N. warned that the storm may spur a "second wave" of deaths in the region.

Myanmar's cyclone survivors, who are already desperate for lifesaving
relief, will need help more than ever in the coming days. CARE has
created the Myanmar Cyclone Response Fund with the goal of raising $10
million to mount a comprehensive response to the disaster.
Contributions to the fund will help support the immediate emergency
phase of CARE's response as well as longer-term efforts to rebuild
lives and livelihoods in cyclone-affected communities.

Today, CARE distributed items to 100 households (approximately 500
people) in Thaketa, including: candles, toothbrushes and toothpaste,
cloth, washing soap, body soap, towels and rice. CARE has received
permission to continue working in the Yangon division and is expanding
and deepening its response in the region. We”re also staging supplies
to transport in the coming days that include some 100,000 family kits
(blankets, hygiene items, clothes, jerry cans, plastic sheeting, etc).

As CARE has worked in Myanmar for 14 years, our 500 person staff (only
three of whom are expats) was already on the ground in Myanmar at the
time of the cyclone. We began conducting assessments and distributing
locally procured items in the immediate aftermath of Cyclone Nargis.