A Powerful Noise


I attended the world premiere of A Powerful Noise at the Tribeca Film Festival last night (Apr 30). The turn out was great! There was a standing ovation at the end followed by a Q and A with executive producer Sheila Johnson, director Tom Capello and Madame Urbain, who was one of the three women featured in the film. She flew in from Mali to see the premiere.

My main thought when watching it was how much a film like this is needed. These are stories that need to be told but often aren't. Films like this help give voice to women, who often aren't permitted to speak out.

As I travel a lot overseas, visiting countries with CARE, it was really great to see the way Tom, director, and Scott Thigpen, producer, made the film to be "real," meaning, heard through the voices of these women and seen through their eyes. You really get a sense for the hardships they face and their fight to overcome extreme obstacles. I only hope the "buzz" doesn't end at Tribeca and it motivates people to get involved, and for those people to get others involved along the way. There's a long road ahead.

Also attending the premiere were CARE Ambassador Christy Turlington Burns and her husband Ed Burns. At the afterparty, I asked Christy what she thought of A Powerful Noise. Here's a video clip: