R&D without public money : a prospective answer.


Historical Entrepreneurial Science is a
research field dedicated to the social and mitigational development of
the entrepreneurial capital of human societies. The entrepreneurial
capital encompasses all the cognitive and technical assets that have
been in use since the dawn of Mankind. Experimental History and
Archaeology illustrate a nice manner to consider the past and address
its assets.
The empirical world and history are an abiding source of
cognitive resources and complex systems. We therefore suggest being the
architects of such resources and systems, outside of any space or time
limit but only depending on needs, to associate knowledge and know-how
in a similar way as the banking sector associates the holder of a
capital with the holder of a project. Developing knowledge and the
know-how of human societies may only be possible through social benefit
and mitigation. This added value will be dedicated to attracting the
investors who wish to perpetuate it.
Historical Entrepreneurial
Science aims to meet contemporary social needs through the use of
empirical and historical assets in three phases.
A. Identification
of the social needs locally. The socialization of mankind is mainly
dedicated to security reasons. Consequently, social problems are most
often related to medical, energy, food, economic or political
B. Assessment of assets from the past. “If you don”t
know where you are going, look at where you come from’. This African
proverb illustrates with a noble sense of pragmatism the significance of
the past in the construction of a society on a daily basis. While
socio-cultural differences are strong in the oecumene, the fundamental
human needs, emotions and cognitive skills are universal. And
similarities in the history of techniques and breakthroughs between two
ethnic groups located very far away geographically from each other
undoubtedly come from the cognitive ability to provide a same answer to
an identical problem.
C. Value added creation. The basis of the
economic system lies on the association of Capital and Know-How. Wealth
is the ability to use the resources we have at our disposal. There is no
natural resource, but ways to work our environment. This wealth is
dynamic, not hoarded. If each individual, group, company, community can
provide added value to somebody or something, it de facto creates a
CAPITAL – KNOW-HOW dynamics which will inevitably attract an investor
whose interest will be to preserve the system so created... The aim of
Historical Entrepreneurial Science is therefore to create a durable
social benefit. Financing research by investment differs from the
current objective-based financing which subjects researchers to
political and economic will...
Historical Entrepreneurial Science is
built around the concept of Kyuuninkai旧忍会, in turn built around the
kanjis 旧(Kyuu) , which means ancient, past, in the past; 忍 (Nin),
related to survival, endurance but also secret, and Kai (会) which means
meeting, as exchange is at the basis of wealth generation.