The status of motherhood in the US- time for change!


All is not well with the status of motherhood in the United States. While we”ve become more empowered in our right to choose whether or not we want children and how we balance family life, we”ve not fully claimed our power in the way it all begins: birth.

Women have limited information and therefore limited choices, and outcomes are not good...

We fall behind 49 other countries in our rate of maternal death, despite spending more per capita on maternity care than any other nation.

A woman giving birth in the US today is more likely to die in childbirth than her mother was.

These outcomes are unacceptable in this wealthy, progress proclaiming nation, yet they are also our invitations to improve not only maternity care in the US, but also the status of women everywhere.

Join the transformation for Improving Maternity Services at Childbirth Connection. And urge your Congress member to co-sponsor the Maternal Health Accountability Act.

And women...Now is the time to own your experience, to make conscious decisions around the birth of your child. As we do so, we also birth our own potentials to create a different world. A world where a woman giving birth is not losing her human rights, but is rather a woman claiming her amazing creative power!