UN Climate Talks Begin in Bonn


Here we are in Bonn, Germany. So far, six of us from CARE International have arrived, representing CARE Denmark, CARE Brazil, and CARE USA. Why are we here? Well, the world is writing a new global climate change agreement, which is expected to be negotiated in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December. The negotiating text must be submitted six months in advance – so by June 18. This is the last chance the citizens of the world have to make sure that the issues that matter to us are on the table.

NGOs from across the world had their first strategy sessionon Sunday afternoon. From this it became clear that the job ahead of us is a big one. Most of the world”s governments seem to be relaxing their expectations of what can be achieved in Copenhagen.

Despite this, the mood here the day before the action starts is upbeat. We are all keen to make sure that the negotiators hear our messages and get their act together.

CARE is here because climate change is the biggest threat facing the world”s poor. While climate change affects us all, the poorest of the poor will be affected the most – and they are the least responsible for causing it. But you all know that.

We”re at a make-or-break moment, and we must keep the pressure on or we risk a negotiating text with low emissions reduction targets, weak support for adaptation for the most vulnerable populations, and measures to protect forests at the expense of those who depend on them.

Negotiations began yesterday. For two weeks, we”ll be here with thousands of others following the negotiations and advocating for policies that address the needs and interests of the world”s poorest people. We”ll keep you posted as the days go on.

Signing off for now,

The CARE team at Bonn

Charles, Christina, Morten, Poul Erik, Raja, Tonya