Pay and Benefits

Pay and Benefits

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CARE USA compensates our employees for their work according to our Total Pay philosophy, which includes both the salary and benefits that employees receive, which:

  • Recognize contribution
  • Are fair and equitable
  • Affordable to the organization and justifiable to our donors

Our employees are the most critical component of our long-term success. As a result, we have designed packages to attract, reward and retain talented and capable people worldwide, as well as to reflect the organization's core values and mission and vision. We strive to provide the best choice and value at the best cost and to ensure that our compensation & benefits program remains competitive with that of other organizations; we use external benchmarks to determine salary ranges and benefits packages for all CARE USA-paid employees. As a result, our packages are competitive in the market and relevant to the various countries in which we operate.


CARE USA Benefits at a Glance



Medical Insurance
Employee has the choice of two medical plans: Medical Standard and Medical Plus. Employee pays about 20% of premium for self and family, before taxes. COBRA laws apply.

Dental Insurance (including Orthodontics)
CARE pays 100% of premium for the employee only. The employee pays portion of premium, before taxes, for dependent coverage. COBRA laws apply.

Supplemental Vision
Employee pays 100% of premium, before taxes, for their own or family coverage. COBRA laws apply.

Basic Life Insurance
Two times annual salary. CARE pays 100% of premium. This plan is convertible to individual policy for US residents and citizens.

Supplemental Life Insurance
One to four times annual salary to $750,000 maximum combined with Basic Life Insurance. No evidence of insurability if under $150,000. Employee pays 100% of premium. This plan is convertible to individual policy.

Dependent Life Insurance
$30,000 Spouse, $15,000 Child. CARE pays 100% of premium. This plan is convertible to individual policy.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
One times annual salary up to maximum of $250,000. Salaries over $100,000 subject to war risk exclusion. CARE pays premium.

Dependent AD&D 
$20,000 Spouse, $10,000 Child. CARE pays 100% of premium. This plan is convertible to individual policy.

Short Term Disability
10-business day waiting period; sick leave provided. Benefit is 50% of basic weekly wage to a maximum of $2,000/week. CARE pays premium. Subject to the terms of the Employee Handbook.

Long Term Disability (LTD)
60% of basic monthly salary to maximum of $1,000. CARE pays premium. Convertible to individual policy.

Supplemental LTD
In addition to LTD, 60% of actual monthly salary to a maximum of $7,500/month. Employee pays premium. Convertible to individual policy.

Business Travel Accident
Protects beneficiary in the event of your death in a business related accident. CARE pays premium.

Emergency Evacuation
Provides emergency evacuation to a suitable medical facility in the event you or your family become ill while overseas on CARE business. 

Employee Assistance Program
Provides counseling and referral support. CARE pays premium.

401k (Employer Contributions)
CARE contributes 4% of your eligible earnings. In addition, CARE provides a match option up to 4% on your voluntary employee contribution. 100% vesting upon enrollment. Eligibility requirements apply. Subject to IRS limits. See plan documents. 

401k (Employee Contributions)
No age or service requirements. Limited to eligible employees. Subject to IRS limitations. See plan document.

Leave / Time Off

Paid Time Off / Bank of Days
Pro-rated for new hires. Accrual rate per year - 20 days (0 to 5 years), 25 days (5 to 10 years) and 30 days (10 or more years). All rates subject to terms and conditions of the Employee Handbook. 

Sick Days
As needed, subject to terms and conditions of Employee Manual.

Family Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA)
Up to 12 weeks unpaid leave in any 12 month period. Job and benefit protected leave. Coordinated with paid leave policies.

Parental Leave
5 weeks paid leave within 1 year of birth or adoption.

Designated by CARE's Country Office. See Employee Manual.

Emergency & Compassionate Leave
Up to 10 days paid, subject to the terms and conditions of the Employee Manual. 

Worker's Compensation
Injuries must be reported to the Benefits Unit immediately. Employee is protected from accidental injuries and certain illnesses directly related to employment with CARE. CARE pays the cost of coverage. 

*Subject to change without notice. CARE offers additional benefits that may not be listed above, ask your recruiter for additional information if needed.

CARE is an Equal Opportunity Employer