Yemeni Crisis

After struggling with internal conflict for four years, Yemen is currently facing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

CARE's Work in Yemen

After almost four years of brutal conflict, the stakes in Yemen are shocking and must be stated clearly: 16 million people are at risk of starving to death if the parties to the conflict and their supporters do not change course immediately. 

The burden on the Yemeni people is relentless. CARE and other aid organizations are desperately trying to fill the gaps, working tirelessly to provide food and supplies to those who have no alternative. However, humanitarian aid is a short-term solution. The only way to turn the tide of suffering for the Yemeni people is to bring an end to the conflict. Warring conflict must engage in good faith with the peace process being led by the UN Special Envoy for Yemen in Sweden. This crisis is entirely man-made – hunger and famine in Yemen are absolutely caused by the conflict and can only be stopped by bringing an end to the war.

Humanitarian Crisis

Yemen currently has the greatest level of humanitarian needs in the world. Since armed conflict erupted in March 2015, more than 22 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. CARE is currently providing aid through water, sanitation and hygiene services and reproductive health services.