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Donate Stock or Mutual Funds

Please alert that a gift is being transferred, as donated stock that arrives in our account without identification may delay issuance of a tax-deductible receipt. In your email alert to CARE, please include the donor name, the name, ticker symbol, and number of shares of the stock being donated, the mailing address of the donor for issuance of the tax receipt, the purpose of the gift, and whether it is a payment on a pledge.

The most valuable gifts are undesignated and support CARE’s mission to defeat poverty. These gifts allow flexibility for responding to the most urgent needs. However, CARE accepts gifts designated to a specific purpose. To ensure CARE’s capacity to honor a designated gift, contact us

EIN/tax ID number: 13-168-5039

Donate Stock

Please provide the following information to your broker in order to make the stock transfer:

Merrill Lynch
DTC: 8862
Beneficiary Account Number: 54604131
Beneficiary Name: CARE
Originator to Beneficiary Information (OBI): Donor Name

Donate Mutual Funds

Prior to initiating the transfer of mutual fund shares, please contact Merrill Lynch at 800-692-7005 or 212-415-7452 between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST and ask for one of the following representatives: Jason Vincent, Karen Fogarty, Paul Marvin Jr, or Paul Marvin.

The following information is needed to determine eligibility of your mutual fund shares with Merrill Lynch’s gift clearing services, and to assist you with the transfer of the shares:

  • Ticker symbol and name of mutual fund
  • Number of shares being gifted
  • Broker information, including:
    • Name of brokerage firm,
    • Account number,
    • Phone number of the institution delivering the shares
  • Name of the donor
  • BIN Number*
    * Once eligibility of your gift of mutual fund shares is confirmed, Merrill Lynch representatives will provide you with the appropriate BIN Number to receive your gift of mutual fund shares. The sending firm of your mutual fund donation must include a specific BIN number based on the shares being gifted when making the mutual fund transfer.  

After eligibility of your gift of mutual fund shares is confirmed, notify your broker/financial institution of the transfer request and email the above information to If your mutual fund shares are deemed “ineligible” for receipt by Merrill Lynch, please inform CARE at so that further instructions may be provided.

Donations of mutual fund shares can take between 3 to 4 weeks to process. Note that gifts received after December 31 will be treated as a gift in the following calendar year for tax deductible purposes.


Steve Zaubi
Director, Global Treasury Services
O: 404-979-9219 | C: 770-846-3385

Lester Mendiola
International Treasury Specialist
O: 404-979-9340 | C: 404-944-6594


You may also leave CARE stocks and mutual funds as a legacy gift. For more information about including stocks and mutual funds in your will, please visit our Planned Giving website.