Zahra was hungry to learn. Now she's becoming a doctor.

Zahra was hungry to learn. Now she's becoming a doctor.

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In the mountainous regions of Afghanistan, it has always been difficult for girls to receive even a basic education. That's where CARE is making a difference for children who are hungry to learn.

CARE's education program in Afghanistan has proved culturally acceptable educational opportunities for girls by helping communities establish and manage their own local schools. We focus on primary education for both boys and girls and secondary education for girls who often have difficulty traveling from their local communities to centrally located schools with upper-level grades.

CARE also supports leadership development for girls and provides vocational education so that graduates can become primary school teachers or community health workers upon completion of school - culturally acceptable employment opportunities for women.

The outcome: more women with opportunities that their mothers or grandmothers could never have attained. One of those Afghan women was Zahra, who entered a CARE-sponsored secondary education project in the seventh grade in 2006. After completing her studies, she is now preparing for a life path that at one point would have been inconveivable: a career as a physician.

Being part of this experience shifted Zahra's entire mindset and her aspirations. As she explains, "I slowly but surely began to imagine a completely new life for myself. I became motivated to study hard and achieve good marks. After graduating from grade 12, I applied for and took my university exam. Although it was hard for me to believe at first, I passed and was accepted into a private medical school."

Zahra is at once proud, hopeful and enormously grateful. "Thanks to the project and to my efforts which have paid off, I now think of myself as truly privileged because I can enter the medical field. None of this would have happened without the support of my family, especially my dear parents, and our dedicated community and CARE staff."

That's the power of your support for CARE and the countless families who have benefited from your support!