Actress Amy Brenneman Visits CARE Projects in Peru

Actress Amy Brenneman Visits CARE Projects in Peru

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Actress Amy Brenneman, most recently the star of ABC’s Private Practice, visited several CARE maternal health and child nutrition programs in Peru in late 2012. 

During her visit to this region of the world, where 25 percent of children are malnourished, Amy talked to families who participate in a CARE child nutrition program. The families were eager to show her their “family plans” – goals each family sets for the year, along with their strategies for attaining them.  

Amy was struck by the plans, which lined kitchen walls. 

She later blogged, “Here in this village, which on the surface differed so much from my home, we were employing the same strategies to lift ourselves out of vague intentions and discontents, to put pen against paper and say, against seeming insurmountable odds: This is who I am. This is what I want. This how I’m going to get it.”

Amy visited other CARE projects tied to better health and nutrition. For example, in Guayacondo, a community of more than 150 families sprawled across a valley in the Peruvian highlands, she met a woman, who with CARE’s help, brought a life-changing water system to her community. 

The trip also made a profound effect on Amy’s two school-aged children, who joined her on the trip. As they played with other children at a CARE-run daycare, they observed how deep poverty runs in the community.  

Amy’s son later innocently asked why his new friend’s hands were so dirty, which Amy say’s was a “great starter” for her to explain to the children the ripple effects of poverty.

She says her trip also forced her to think about the “basic building blocks” to fighting poverty. 

“You want less infant mortality? Well, water, nutrition and family planning – from those building blocks, people make choices and are able to be not so desperate.”

After the trip, Amy returned with a message to CARE donors, “Whatever you donate goes to practical, usable, tangible things that make an impact in people’s lives.” 

“It was very intimate,” she observes about CARE Peru’s work within the community. “It wasn’t a big government organization. CARE means individuals.”

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