Lily Rose’s Diary: Part 3

Lily Rose’s Diary: Part 3

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Our days are long, but the needs are great

Three months have passed since I came to Unity and started work in the Primary Health Care Center to expand my professional experience in nutrition.

There are still many sick children coming through our doors. Take Samuel* for example. He’s just a tiny baby, only 11 months old. When he came to us, his fever was so high I sent him straight to the doctor. It turns out Samuel had malaria so our medical team gave him medication. He recovered from his illness but he remained in our nutrition program for three months. It was a good day when Samuel finally left the program. He’s still tiny but looking so much better than when I first met him.

We’ve opened a Stabilization Centre here, which sounds grand but it’s actually a small room with four beds. Here we treat children who are severely malnourished and who may also have medical complications.  We give them both medicine and nutrition supplements. Most of the children stay with us here for a few days before they are ok to go home to their families.

We spend a lot of time treating and preventing malnutrition in children. Our days are long but the needs are great, and it’s been that way for all my time here. Put simply, there just isn’t enough food and many many children – too many of them - are now hungry.            

As my internship is coming to an end, I am now more confident with my professional work thanks to the opportunity I’ve been given by CARE. Next week, I return to Juba more than ready to take any offer in nutrition and work with my community. I pray that in 2016, we South Sudanese find true peace. Without it, the people of Pariang will struggle and children like Samuel will not have enough food to eat.

* CARE is committed to being a child safe organisation. Names of children have been changed.

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