A Little Help Goes a Long Way

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

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Dhan Bahadur Gurung puts his crutches aside as he prepares his afternoon meal in his village of Laprak in Gorkha district. His 69-year old mother Purni Maya Gurung helps him serving the meal as Dhan Bahadur enjoys the sun. About two years back, Dhan Bahadur fell down from a tree, since then he isunable to walk. When the earthquake hit Nepal in April last year, his his house was damaged.

After the earthquake, his family shared a tent with his neighbours. “Everyone was desperate to find a place to live as almost everyone lost their houses. The community members were supportive towards each other as they shared the limited number of tents”, recalls Dhan Bahadur.

He adds, “I was travelling in a bus to Gorkha during the earthquake. The people in the bus helped me move out of the bus and took me to an open space. I was worried about my family. After almost an hour later, I was able to contact my wife. Even though she told me that our house was destroyed, I was happy that no-one was injured in my family”.

Although Dhan Bahadur cannot walk without his crutches now, he hopes that he will be able to walk normally one day. “Doctors have told me that I will be able to walk after two years”, says Dhan Bahadur 

Dhan Bahadur represents a portion of people in Gorkha who are physically challenged. After the earthquake it has been particularly difficult for people with disabilities to construct their houses. Rebuilding requires a lot of manual work - it is an extra hard task for people like Dhan Bahadur to lift the heavy construction materials. They have to depend either on their neighbours, or they have to hire laborers to construct their home. Either way, this is a huge economic burden as the cost of labour has increased after the earthquake, especially for Dhan Bahadur, who has not been able to earn money since his accident.

Although, Dhan Bahadur is facing a huge economic burden, the iron sheets provided by CARE has helped him reduce the strain of paying extra funds to purchase shelter materials. “Many local suppliers are charging higher prices for iron sheets after the earthquake. It would have been very difficult for me to purchase materials, if I had not received them from CARE”, he says. “I am very thankful to CARE.”

Dhan Bahadur Gurung sits in front of his house made from iron sheets provided by CARE