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Forbes: Coronavirus Has Caused A Crisis In Women’s Mental Health, According To Study

A close-up of a Honduran woman with her body facing towards the right and her face looking straight at the camera. She is wearing a light brown tank top and her dark brown eyes are visible over her light blue medical face mask.

September marked six months since some governments announced the beginning of lockdown restrictions. Around the world, people had to get used to spending less time outdoors and seeing loved ones less. Cabin fever has been a serious issue and it’s not surprising that many people have revealed that their anxiety levels have gone through the roof. However, a new study has revealed that the pandemic has caused a crisis in women’s mental health. In the first study of its kind, non-profit international aid organization CARE spoke to people around the globe about what they’re worried about and they deduced that the pandemic has had a devastating impact on women’s mental health.

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