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Huffington Post UK: Rohingya Refugees May Have Faded From The Headlines, But Their Struggles Have Not

Rohingya Refugees
Rohingya Refugees

The Huffington Post UK posted a blog by Deepmala Mahla, CARE International UK regional director for Asia, about the conditions for Rohingya refugees. The Cox’s Bazaar camp, which holds 900,000 Rohingya refuges, is the most populated camp on earth. Mahla was struck by the scene even though she has been to many refugee camps before. She spoke with women at the camps who were scared for their life if they went back to Myanmar, yet the distressed women still hoped for education for their children, proper burial for their lost loved ones, and accountability for the crisis. In response to crisis Mahla said, “Although I am thankful for all the support the international community has given to the affected populations by this crisis, I cannot help but feel frustrated as the world’s patience and attention span are limited.” Read the story here.


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