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LGBTQIs face rampant bias in Venezuela, sparking asylum in nearby countries

Dialogo Diverso Director Danilo Manzono. Photo by Nestor Silverio
Photo Credit: Nestor Silverio

In the United States, Pride Month is known for widespread festivities, parade floats, rainbow-colored everything and celebration of self-identity. In Venezuela, Pride Month looks quite different for those who are part of the LGBTQI community.

In fact, all around the world, LGBTQI individuals must often sacrifice basic human rights just to scrape by, because of stigmatization.

According to the anti-poverty organization CARE US, Venezuelan refugees typically resort to street vending, garbage collecting or begging. However, this kind of regular work is not an option for openly LGBTQ refugees, so many resort to sex trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse, or similar types of labor to get by.

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