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MSNBC Morning Joe: CARE kicks off 16th annual national conference

Credit: MSNBC
Credit: MSNBC

Michelle Nunn, CARE’s president and CEO and Sally Yates, former acting U.S Attorney General appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss CARE’s 16th annual conference that focused on advocating for poor women and girls around the world.

Nunn and Yates discussed the need to fight against cuts to the U.S. foreign assistance budget. Highlighting the popular #MeToo movement, they said it should be an international effort that will fight against the systems that marginalize women on a global scale.

The duo also took on the global refugee crisis and the effects of the Trump Administration’s travel ban. (Yates was ultimately fired for refusing to defend the original travel ban.) “We’re trying to bring attention to the fact that there are 65 million displaced people, more than we’ve ever had in our history and that we cannot let discriminatory or xenophobic sensibilities dictate or dominate our policies,” Nunn said.

Watch the full interview here.


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