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Priyanka Chopra on Checking Your Privilege 'in a Time Where the World Is Breaking'

Photo Credit: BON V!V

In recent weeks, many have checked their privilege when it comes to race, but there’s another kind of privilege that Priyanka Chopra Jonas has become acutely aware of in the time of the global pandemic. Quarantining in her Los Angeles home with her husband Nick Jonas since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, she’s well aware of how lucky she has been to be able to do so, she told Parade.com in a recent interview.

Being from India, Chopra Jonas is mindful of the fact that many people are dying of hunger and not just COVID, while others live in conditions where they aren’t able to social distance. “It’s such a tough time for the world, I think the one thing that has really been helping me is to be conscientious and aware of having the privilege to be able to social distance or having the privilege that my friends and family are healthy,” she told Parade.com.

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