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Somali refugee mothers walk for work in Dadaab

Refugee women from Ifo camp who walk to Dadaab desperately seeking odd jobs/Ahmed Abdullahi/Ergo
Photo Credit: Ahmed Abdullahi/Ergo

Hawo Ali Yarow, a Somali mother of 12, makes the long, dusty trek to Dadaab town from her refugee camp in northern Kenya at least 20 times a month in search of work.

It feels like a long seven kilometres each way – and with local transport locked down due to Coronavirus restrictions, there is no chance these days of getting a lift even part of the way.

“Some days I find work and some days I don’t, but I have to continue because I have children at school and they want everything,” Hawo said.

“The children don’t even have enough food, the small rations we get from [international aid agency CARE finish quickly.”

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