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Syria’s Idlib was already a humanitarian nightmare. Now the coronavirus has arrived.

Civil defense personnel, also known as White Helmets, sterilize a mosque in the city of Idlib, northwestern Syria, where three new cases of coronavirus were registered on July 15, 2020. Muhammad al-Rifai/NurPhoto via Getty Images
Photo Credit: Muhammad al-Rifai/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Last week, a doctor in his 30s working at a hospital in Syria near the Turkish border tested positive for Covid-19. Three more confirmed cases came after: two doctors and a nurse. The coronavirus had officially arrived in Idlib, the last rebel-held territory in Syria.

The outbreak threatens to exacerbate the ever-present humanitarian disaster in northwest Syria. The United Nations estimates about 4 million people now live in the region, almost half of whom have fled from other parts of the country, displaced, sometimes more than once, during the nine-year civil war.

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