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CARE calls for reversal of Ansar Allah designations to be urgent humanitarian priority for Biden administration

A woman holds a baby in her arms.

As the outgoing US government administration’s terrorist designations of Ansar Allah take effect, CARE urges the incoming Biden administration to immediately reverse this short-sighted policy and avoid the worst-case humanitarian consequences in Yemen. Reversing this terrorist designation is the most effective way to avoid what will at best be a disruption to humanitarian aid and the import of vital goods like food, fuel, and medicine, or at worst a tipping point that leads to widespread famine.

Yemen is suffering from a combination of six years of war, a woefully under-funded humanitarian response and economic collapse exacerbated by Covid-19. Humanitarian organizations continue to work tirelessly in increasingly difficult conditions to ensure as many people as possible are able to access food, water and healthcare – but if these designations remain in place, even with the licenses issued by the Treasury Department, the ability to sufficiently reach people will be compromised. The designation of Ansar Allah at a time of immense need in Yemen is an abdication of responsibility that threatens to undo humanitarian and diplomatic efforts and plunge Yemen even deeper into conflict; it must be reversed immediately as an urgent priority.

In addition to this vital action, CARE looks forward to working with the Biden administration to further prioritize the well-being of vulnerable Yemenis – including by reversing the suspension of U.S. humanitarian assistance in the north, reducing civilian harm and suffering, and pursuing a lasting and inclusive political solution to the conflict.

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