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CARE Collaborates with the Astellas Global Health Foundation to Combat COVID-19

Atlanta, Georgia (September 8, 2020) – CARE is proud to announce its first collaboration with the Astellas Global Health Foundation through a grant to support CARE’s ongoing COVID-19 work in South Sudan and Ethiopia. The $400,000 grant will help enhance community education to combat misinformation about COVID-19; and strengthen healthcare infrastructure through preparedness, surveillance and response. It will also provide funds to train and educate local women leaders, including community health workers; and increase water, sanitation and hygiene support.

COVID-19 continues to spread and impact some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. With the help of collaborators like the Astellas Global Health Foundation, CARE is responding to COVID-19 in more than 60 countries, reaching more than 100 million people. This project will help address the escalating needs of communities without systems in place to prevent, detect, and support those most severely affected by COVID-19.

“With generous support from the Astellas Global Health Foundation, CARE will address the immediate needs of the Ethiopia and South Sudan communities that are combatting the spread and long-term effects of COVID-19,” Michelle Nunn, President and CEO of CARE US, said. “This support will transform lives and provide much-needed relief for more than 170,000 people through community outreach, strengthening healthcare infrastructure, including support to frontline workers, increasing water hygiene and sanitation support.”

With the world facing the highest level of humanitarian need since 1945, CARE is on the frontlines of the pandemic, bringing over 75 years of experience in disaster relief and humanitarian aid. CARE is delivering critical services and much needed resources to affected communities around the world, and for the first time, reaching communities in the U.S. Partners like Astellas Global Health Foundation enable CARE to support communities to build back a strong future.

“The Astellas Global Health Foundation is dedicated to improving access to health, building community resilience and providing disaster support by working with organizations around the world, said Moyra Knight, president of the Astellas Global Health Foundation. “We are proud to partner with CARE, whose important work providing resources to assist vulnerable global communities amidst the devastating impact of COVID-19 is urgently needed.”

For More Information: Rachel Kent, CARE Senior Press Officer, Rachel.Kent@care.org, 1-516-270-8911

About Astellas Global Health Foundation

The Astellas Global Health Foundation is a tax-exempt, non-profit corporation that awards grants to support charitable purposes with a focus on improving access to health in underserved global communities, building resilient communities and providing disaster support in order to make a sustainable impact on the health of people around the world, working toward “One World, A Healthier Tomorrow.”

About CARE

Founded in 1945 with the creation of the CARE Package®, CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. CARE places special focus on working alongside women and girls because, equipped with the proper resources, they have the power to lift whole families and entire communities out of poverty. That’s why women and girls are at the heart of CARE’s community-based efforts to confront hunger, ensure nutrition and food security for all, improve education and health, create economic opportunity and respond to emergencies. In 2019, CARE worked in 100 countries and reached more than 68 million people around the world. Some examples of where CARE provides gender-based violence programs include Jordan and Turkey, which host large numbers of Syrian refugees; Ecuador and Colombia, where many Venezuelan migrants live; and Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, each with their own development and gender justice challenges.

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