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CARE Partners with Miry's List to Provide Cash Assistance to Afghan Families Resettling in the US

(February 1, 2022)  – CARE is excited to announce its partnership with the resettlement organization Miry‘s List to help assist families from Afghanistan recently resettled in the United States. The organizations will provide cash cards of up to $1,000 for each family, to help fill in the gaps that government assistance doesn’t cover.    

As a community-based nonprofit offering direct support to families resettling the U.S. as refugees, Miry‘s List strives to equitably provide families with solutions that improve their resettlement experience and address their most urgent needs. Our partnership with CARE helps us to further this mission, giving new arrival families the dignity of choice and more autonomy over their lives as they face the incredible challenges of resettlement, “ Miry Whitehill, Founder & Executive Director, Miry‘s List said.  

“We are building a support system that will benefit families not just for their immediate needs, but for generations to come. We strongly believe in the value of each and every refugee who comes here, which is why we are deepening our investment in their future. We will not allow them to fall through the cracks but are determined to stand with them as they make their new homes,” Miry’s List Board Member, Naomi Seligman said.

The partnership between CARE and Miry‘s list will launch in the following states; California, Virginia, Maryland, and Texas providing cash to the newly resettled Afghan families. The partnership has an ambitious goal of $200,000 that will go to support at least 160 Afghan families resettling across The United States.   

“As an immigrant who previously lost hope, my way, and my vision for a great future, I appreciate this strong support,” said a beneficiary of Miry‘s List and CARE’s partnership.  

CARE and Miry‘s List just launched its programming in early January and will continue to identify the families most in need.  

These cash grants will help support families who were forced to flee their homes in Afghanistan,” CARE Associate Vice President of US Programs, Ryan Shepard said. “These refugees are starting over, and we hope this assistance will make the process of rebuilding a bit easier for our new neighbors.” 

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Dorissa White
Junior Press Officer  

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