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CARE Ranks Seventh on Top 100 NGOs List

© 2012 Brendan Bannon/CARE
© 2012 Brendan Bannon/CARE

ATLANTA (January 25, 2013) – CARE, one of the leading aid organizations worldwide, ranks seventh among 100 non-government organizations, according to the Top 100 NGOs list of The Global Journal.

“This distinction is exciting news for CARE. It confirms that our global organization is on the right path to fight poverty around the world with our long-term development programs and our efficient emergency responses. At the same time, it encourages us to achieve an even greater impact on the lives of millions of poor people, especially women and girls and to support them overcoming poverty,” says Dr. Robert Glasser, CARE International’s Secretary General. CARE also ranked seventh in 2012, the year The Global Journal introduced the list of top 100 NGOs.

According to The Global Journal, “in the world of emergency relief and international development, there are a handful of organizations that have transcended their inter-war or postwar roots and built a global reputation for effectiveness despite a broadening mandate. Without doubt, CARE International fits within this category [it] has also been a sectoral leader in its commitment to international standards of accountability and institutional learning.[and] is likely to become an increasingly vocal presence in high-level international debates around strategies to address enduring challenges like maternal health, hunger, gender equality and climate change mitigation and adaptation.”

Notably, CARE was globally ranked second among NGOs involved in humanitarian relief work.

About The Global Journal: The Global Journal’s ranking of top 100 NGOs is the only international ranking of its kind, according to the magazine and informs policymakers, academics, business and nonprofit leaders. Further information on the ranking and the methodology are available at www.theglobaljournal.net.

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