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Tropical Storm Freddy results in devastating floods, destruction, and death in Mozambique and Malawi

“Tropical Storm Freddy has brought with it devastating floods, destruction, and death in Mozambique and Malawi. Roads and bridges have been swept away cutting off communities from much-needed support. Houses and homes have been destroyed leaving families stranded and out in the cold. As rescue efforts continue, the death toll is anticipated to rise. In Malawi, we are concerned about the immediate needs of affected people but also the resurgence of cholera In Mozambique, where we were already responding to the effects of the cyclone making landfall on February 24, the number of those in need will increase. There is a need for urgent support to reach the affected. CARE is already working alongside the government and our local partners and community leaders. We have been distributing shelter kits in Mozambique. In Malawi we are distributing, materials for shelter construction, blankets, kitchen, and household utensils to the affected,” said Matthew Pickard, CARE Southern Africa Regional Director.

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