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What is CARE10x?

CARE10x partners with social entrepreneurs to tackle global crises, from climate change to access to healthcare to food insecurity. Our mission is to reach last mile communities who most need innovation, but often struggle to access tools designed for their unique needs. We also know that discriminatory gender norms often exclude women from the benefits of innovation; we aim to change that.

We partner with organizations that have proven solutions for increasing the prosperity and resilience of communities that are most underserved. With each partner, we set out to:

  1. Co-design: We work with our partners to create gender-responsive strategies that are tailored to address the unique challenges of last mile communities – those without access to basic services – including product-market fit, marketing, sales, distribution, and finance strategies.
  2. Test: We test our assumptions and refine the partnership model to establish proof-of-concept.
  3. Scale: Leveraging CARE’s global footprint, we scale interventions that have demonstrated success.

We believe that social enterprises are a powerful force for good in the world and that organizations like CARE can play a role in enabling more sustainable and localized impact through these partnerships.

CARE10x Portfolio

Catalyzing productivity for smallholder farmers

MyAgro‘s mobile layaway platform increases ‘last mile’ farmers’ access to high-quality seeds and fertilizer, while also generating new, commission-based income for CARE’s network of community-based trainers.

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Enhancing agricultural efficiency for smallholder farmers

Hello Tractor‘s mobile app and agent model increases access to tractors among smallholder farmers, while their pay-as-you-go financing enables rural communities to own, manage, and earn additional income from their own tractors.

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Protecting the livelihoods of smallholder pastoralists

Leveraging CARE’s gender expertise, Pula co-designed a specialized insurance product designed to fit the unique needs of small-scale pastoralists in Northern Nigeria, thereby strengthening their incomes and resilience to climate-related disasters.

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The digital CARE Package for small producers

AUXFIN endeavors to make its financial solutions accessible to all, including CARE’s VSLA members who are mainly vulnerable populations with low digital literacy and limited access to the internet. Through their platform, small producers gain access to basic financial services such as trading accounts, savings, microcredits, payments, and transfers.

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Strengthening social entrepreneurship in Burundi

Through working with the local social entrepreneurship ecosystem, CARE worked with 26 social entrepreneurs by offering training in social entrepreneurship and design thinking in turn strengthening their capacity for sustainable, scalable, and inclusive impact.

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Providing access to high-quality and user-friendly irrigation pumps

Kickstart‘s agricultural irrigation water pumps are designed for the specific needs of smallholder farmers. Being more affordable, portable, and easy-to-repair, Kickstart’s pumps enable higher-quality production and greater resilience to climate change.

Advancing access to climate-smart technologies

UjuziKilimo‘s mobile-based soil-testing technology enables smallholder farmers to more affordably and quickly access data-driven insights and guidance, thereby enabling more environmentally sustainable, cost-effective, and high-quality agricultural production.

Expanding access to safe drinking water for vulnerable women and girls

Jibu‘s innovative purification technology and franchise model seeks to increase underserved communities’ access to affordable, high-quality drinking water, while also strengthening women’s entrepreneurship and economic empowerment.

Leveraging digital technology to reduce GBV

Leveraging Baobab Circle‘s popular digital health platform and CARE’s high-impact Indashyikirwa programming, this partnership co-designed a digitally supported curriculum for promoting positive gender norms and reducing Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).

Converting waste into energy and fertilizer

Sistema.bio‘s prefabricated biodigester technology transforms organic waste to renewable biogas and environmentally-friendly fertilizer, thereby enabling rural communities to reduce energy costs and strengthen agricultural production.

Digitally enabled agripreneurs

Kuza‘s digitally enabled entrepreneurship program bridges gaps in ‘last mile’ farmers’ access to high-quality inputs, innovative technologies, and expert-driven agricultural training.

Affordable eyeglasses to strengthen community access to health care

VisionSpring‘s community entrepreneurship model generates new income for community-based volunteers, while strengthening rural communities’ access to affordable eyeglasses and health care services.

Community-driven construction approach

Community Impact Nepal‘s low-carbon bricks reduce the cost of housing for underserved communities, thereby increasing resilience to climate change and disasters.


Catalyzing Productivity for Smallholder Farmers

CARE and myAgro partnered for a pilot aimed at enhancing the productivity of smallholder farmers in Tanzania.

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Not Invented, but Scaled Here

What big international NGOs—BINGOs—need to learn about growing external social enterprise solutions.

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Strong impact for farmers and youth from a first-of-its-kind partnership in Tanzania

A pilot launched in mid-2022 by myAgro and CARE International seeks to address challenges faced by smallholder farmers.

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