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The CARE-WWF Alliance

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The CARE-WWF Alliance was formed in 2008 to tackle complex global challenges that require a diverse range of experience and expertise.

About the CARE-WWF Alliance

The Alliance works within the intersection of climate change solutions and programming that strengthens the power and determination of women in areas impacted by climate change.

The Alliance brings together WWF’s conservation and restoration expertise; CARE’s gender equality, nutrition, and livelihood development expertise; both organizations’ combined expertise in climate change adaptation; and their joint presence in more than 40 countries.

CARE-WWF Alliance’s Vision

A world where thriving communities are the architects of their own future, in which resilient ecosystems drive green growth and wellbeing for all.

CARE-WWF Alliance’s Mission

To unleash the power and resilience of women, communities, and ecosystems to enable current and future generations to thrive.

CARE-WWF Alliance’s Guiding Principles

  • Environmental conservation and human wellbeing are linked and must be addressed in an integrated approach
  • Alliance programming will add value and maximize synergies in the delivery of each institution’s mission
  • Alliance programming will strengthen the agency of women and their communities and strengthen local capacity and ownership to increase resilience and sustainability in crucial ecosystems
  • Alliance programming will take a rights-based approach to addressing social and environmental justice
Sowing Change

Powered by the CARE-WWF Alliance, Sowing Change is a livelihood-to-leadership initiative that provides access to resources and skills for young women to generate income through nature-based enterprises and lead their communities to identify and implement local solutions to climate-induced challenges.

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The CARE-WWF Alliance in action

The CARE-WWF Alliance is active throughout the network of both organizations — implementing, partnering, convening and sharing in areas of the world that are impacted by climate change, where one or both institutions have an active presence or have established local partners.

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An Overview of The CARE-WWF Alliance

A one-pager explaining The CARE-WWF Alliance. Powered by two global leaders in their respective fields, the Alliance leverages complementary skills, competencies, and scale to strengthen ecosystems, support the women who depend on them, and help build a future where people and nature thrive.

An Overview of the CARE-WWF Alliance