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Food Insecurity: Impact on Education Outcomes

September 25, 2022

Recent projections are showing that the world is not on track to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 2, Zero Hunger by 2030, and people are more food insecure than ever. When food insecure households have to make decisions on how to use their limited resources, children’s schooling, especially girls’ access to education, often becomes a casualty. This brief report attempts to shed a light on the current global food insecurity status, its impact on children’s cognitive development, and some of CARE’s promising practices which are showing results in reducing the impact of food insecurity on education outcomes.

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Impact Reports

Ecuador Trip Report – Migration and Rootedness in Latin America

August 24, 2022

A bipartisan and bicameral delegation of Congressional staffers traveled to Ecuador with CARE to see the impacts of U.S. foreign investments firsthand. The delegation met with Ecuadorian government officials, civil society actors, and program participants to discuss how violence and poverty undermine development throughout Latin America and force people to flee their communities, as well as the role that global investments in rights-based, community-led emergency response and development can play in combatting poverty.

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Economic and Food Crisis in Afghanistan: The Impacts on Women and Girls

August 12, 2022

Afghanistan has descended deeper into an already alarming hunger crisis, exacerbated by the economic and liquidity crisis, drought, and rising food prices, with nearly 20 million people facing acute food insecurity (IPC Phase 3 or above) as of May 2022. CARE conducted a study about the impacts of the economic and food crisis on women and girls in Afghanistan to better understand how they are impacted, what coping mechanisms they use, and how humanitarian actors can better respond to the needs.

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Localization in Practice: Realities from Women’s Rights and Women-Led Organizations in Poland

May 17, 2022

Since Ukrainian women and girls started crossing the border into Poland in February, Polish civil society and women’s organizations been tested like never before. Demand and need for their services has skyrocketed as millions of women and girls from Ukraine seek refuge and support services in Poland. CARE spoke with representatives from 11 women’s rights organizations and women-led organizations in Poland. They told us what their organizations need, what they are concerned about, and what their recommendations for the future of the response are.

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