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We make all of CARE’s evaluation and research reports available for public access in accordance with our Accountability Policy. These are available at our Evaluation Library.

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Impact Reports

CARE Women’s Economic Justice: Impact Report 2023

September 18, 2023

CARE USA's Women’s Economic Justice (WEJ) Impact Report, “Helping Women Earn, Save and Invest,” provides an overview of WEJ’s accomplishments in advancing economic justice for women worldwide. Featuring innovative programs designed in collaboration with local actors, governments and private sector entities, “Helping Women Earn, Save and Invest” highlights key accomplishments and impact stories.

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Impact Reports

Supporting Adolescents to Complete Secondary School (SACS) – Results

August 24, 2023

The Supporting Adolescents to Complete Secondary School (SACS) project was a Start Small Foundation funded COVID-19 response project (2021 – 2023; USD 1,033,610) aimed at addressing educational needs and mitigate negative impacts of COVID-19 on students, teachers, and families living in poverty in six Rwandan districts. The project aimed to support 71,994 adolescents, aged 10-19 years to complete lower secondary in 9-and 12-year basic education schools. This brief outlines the key results from the project.

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