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CARE at Women Deliver

Three Guatemalan women smile while holding large heads of bright green lettuce.

CARE is a global confederation working to fight poverty and social injustice, with a focus on centering women’s and girls’ voices, priorities, and leadership.

We work alongside partners and communities to understand the root causes of poverty and find innovative, locally-led solutions.

At Women Deliver 2023, we will present the impact of some of our key programs, highlight the main policy gaps in women’s and girls’ rights, and, most importantly, connect with individuals and organizations that share our vision of a more gender-just and equal society.

Visit our booths, watch our events, and find out more about us and our partners. We are eager to share our experience and learn from you!

CARE's Presence at Women Deliver

Connect with Us at Women Deliver

Visit our booths and come to events to learn more about our work directly from some of the very people making it happen. Read More

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Our Focus on Women and Girls

Gender equality is CARE International’s central organizing principle. Read More

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Our Partners at Women Deliver

At Women Deliver and beyond, learn more and connect with our partners, who, like us, strive for a more gender-just world. Read More

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