The Top 10 Myths About Women

The Top 10 Myths About Women & The Heroes Who Bust Them

Yesterday and Today

In many places around the world, myths hold back half of society. Myths yank girls out of school. Myths cause hunger. Myths mean women don't get the health care they need. Myths kill. But throughout history, and still today, courageous women - and men - have worked tirelessly to knock giant holes in age-old myths in the pursuit of gender equality.

These are people who have overcome seemingly impossible circumstances to live healthier, safer and more fulfilling lives. They are nothing short of heroes, and each month you can come back here to read their stories.

Looking back, you'll learn how each of these mythbusters have risen above impossible odds and empowered other women to defeat myths that claim women aren't as capable or as important as men. 

Looking forward, you'll see how today's mythbusters are carrying the torch and paving the way for girls and women by creating lasting worldwide change today and for many years to come.

Myth 1: Women's Empowerment Comes at the Expense of Men

Myth 2: Girls Can't Do Math or Science

Myth 3: Women Crack Under Pressure

Myth 5: She Asked For It

Myth 6: Women Can't Be Trusted With Money

Myth 8: A Woman's Health is Not A Man's Concern

Myth 9: Girls Belong in Marriage, Not School

Myth 10: A Woman's Place is in The Home

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