Girl Most Likely To: Cultivate Lasting Change

Girl Most Likely To: Cultivate Lasting Change

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She just became the most educated person in her family.


Orphaned at age 13, Jenifer was raised by her aunts, whom she affectionately calls her “other mothers.” They’re subsistence farmers who live in a tiny mud-brick home with Jenifer and her sister.  

But Jenifer, now 19, just passed her university entrance exams, one of 1,909 students selected from 11,539 applicants.

For girls growing up in the agricultural Kasungu region of Malawi, staying in school can be difficult. During the harvest, they’re expected to stay home and care for their siblings, which means they miss classes, fall behind in their studies and may eventually drop out altogether.

Despite her family’s humble means, Jenifer was able to attend Khola secondary school thanks to a scholarship from CARE’s Join My Village program.

Since 2009, Join My Village has supported more than 900 girls with scholarships to help them afford tuition and school necessities like books and uniforms.

Jenifer’s education represents a landmark achievement for her family and for JMV. She’s not only the first child in her family to reach this level of education, but the first JMV student to be accepted to college.

As further proof that educated girls empower the people around them, Jenifer wants to study agricultural engineering -- a career path that will surely cultivate change in her family and entire community.

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Jenifer, 19, Malawi