2014 Recap: A Dire Year for Syrian Refugees

CARE looks back on the last 12 months working with Syrian refugees. 

SYRIA: Images From Inside

An illustration of the life Syrian refugees left behind, images shared with CARE Syrian refugee volunteers, as captured by their family who have remained behind.

Young Voices From Syria

We asked five young Syrian refugees to share their dreams and a message to the world. What they had to say was both heartbreaking and inspiring.

More than 2.8 million people have fled the country

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Country Info

CARE began work in Jordan in 1948 to meet the needs of Palestinian refugees displaced with the creation of Israel. Currently, economic participation of women remains lower here than in other countries in the region despite comparatively higher educational attainment. Traditional values that restrict women’s rights are compounded by discrimination in the workplace. Jordan also has one of the lowest levels of water resource availability per capita in the world.

As the population doubles over the next two decades, water scarcity will become an even greater problem and will challenge farmers to improve food security through environmentally sustainable agricultural practices.

Jordan has been host to an estimated 450,000 refugees fleeing violence and insecurity in Iraq and 580,000 refugees to date from the Syria conflict. We are working to meet the needs of poor farmers, women, and these refugees, all affected by conflict, economic disparity, discrimination or a fragile resource base.

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Our Work in Jordan

Child Poverty

Half of all children live in poverty, spending their formative years struggling to survive.  

Market Access

More inclusive markets and access can help poor people improve their lives.


There’s a “savings revolution” taking place in many developing countries.

Poverty & Social Justice

Everyone in the world has the right to a life free from poverty, violence and discrimination.

Violence Against Women

Gender-based violence is one of the most pervasive and yet least-recognized human rights abuses.

Why Women & Girls?

Why does CARE fight global poverty by focusing on women and girls? Because we have to.

LS: Syria Crisis Box 5

Press Release

"Words alone are not enough.”

LS: Syria Crisis Box 6 Women Children

Latest News from JordanSyria

“Sometimes we only had dry bread and water”: Volunteering Brings Life and Hope to Azraq Camp

Dead to Red Race: Meet the Team

On March 13, the three year anniversary of the crisis in Syria , a CARE team of 10 will run the famous “Dead to Red” run...

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CARE: “Decisive action must follow words” on Syria Crisis

AMMAN (Jan. 15, 2014)—At the closing of the second Kuwait Donor Conference, the global poverty-fighting organization CARE urges governments to ensure that today’s pledges for Syrians in need are quickly translated into aid delivery on the ground and that further assistance will be made available. Governments have pledged at least 1.4 billion USD with reports of higher totals as the conference comes to a close. In total, the United Nations appealed for $6.5 billion to address urgently needed humanitarian assistance inside and outside Syria. The conference aimed to rally international...

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The Wish List

by Johanna Mitscherlich When I was a child I used to write a wish list before Christmas. A few days before Christmas Eve I put it on the table of our terrace and shouted “Santa Claus, Santa Claus...

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I Am Syria

by Johanna Mitscherlich of CARE Germany, serving in Jordan Ali stands in front of over 40 Syrian refugees in an old warehouse in Chouf, in the North of Lebanon. He is wearing jeans and a red...

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I Am Afraid My Grandchildren Will Freeze to Death

Basilah is 62 years old. She and her husband used to make their living harvesting fields of wheat in...

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Time of Loss

The impact of the Syrian crisis as shared by Syrians in Jordan

Read More – The Syrian Business Uprising

Nahla Abdul-Raheem fled her own comfortable two-story home in Dara'a, Syria, with her husband and five children, the youngest daughter just 4 years old.

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Standing Up to Violence in Jordan

Interview by Laura Sheahen Violence against women and girls in the Middle East is often hidden. The country of Jordan has made great strides in raising awareness of gender-based violence (GBV...

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Syrian Volunteers in Jordan

On International Volunteer Day, Liz McLaughlin, Head of Institutional Fundraising and Partnerships at CARE, discusses how she became involved in humanitarian aid work as a volunteer, and her...

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‘Without Hope You Cannot Live’: CARE’s Syrian Volunteers Help Fellow Refugees

"Whenever we went to class there were bombs." Razan, a young Syrian woman, had always done well in school and prided herself on her good grades. But as she took an important test, she couldn't concentrate. "Bombs were going off right nearby during the exam session. My stomach hurt from the stress."

"I didn't do as well as I hoped. I only got an 82%," she says. As Syria‘s civil war escalated, she tried to go to college anyway. "On the way to the university, a girl was shot right in front of me," she remembers. "I thought, ‘How can I register at a university when people are dying...

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