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Ready to Rebuild

For Rolando Creado, 64, the safest place was to head to the mountains.


Pregnant Heroine Saves Lives

Lyza's decisiveness and courage saved four lives, including that of her unborn baby.


Rebuilding Their Home, Helping Their Community

Aileen was thrilled when she found out CARE and its local partner would be distributing shelter repair kits.


New Baby a Symbol for Fresh Beginnings

Wilma remains faithful that her new baby will be a bearer of good fortune for their family.


Partners for Recovery

"With CARE's help, we can now look forward to a house that is built better," says Emma.


‘Without Hope You Cannot Live’: CARE’s Syrian Volunteers Help Fellow Refugees

"Whenever we went to class there were bombs." Razan, a young Syrian woman, had always done well in school and prided herself on her good grades.   But as she took an...