Market Access


A New Model for Agriculture Extension in Peru: Leveraging Business Principles to Reach the Nation’s Smallholder Farmers

In 2000, the government of Peru stopped employing agricultural extension officers after seeing poor returns on its investment. While the private sector partially filled the gap, smallholder farmers in remote Andes regions Peru were left with limited access to quality extension services.

CARE’s Market Engagement Strategy

CARE’s Market Engagement Strategy will scale up our work in value chains with the goal of empowering 10 million women and girls and their families to lift themselves out of poverty by promoting dignified employment and sustainable incomes by 2015 through the development of agriculture and other h

Market Engagement Capacity Strategy

Currently, CARE is implementing over 74 economic development programs in 66 countries. CARE’s position as one of the world’s largest international non-governmental organizations allows its economic development programs to extend this reach to achieve lasting impacts in fighting poverty.

CARE Knows How a Case of Cow Envy Changed an Entire Village

Killani Rani lives with family in rural Bangladesh. Her husband struggled to find work, and the strain that poverty put on the family caused struggles in the household. Kallani Rani did her best to feed her family.