Market Access

A New Model for Agriculture Extension in Peru: Leveraging Business Principles to Reach the Nation’s Smallholder Farmers

In 2000, the government of Peru stopped employing agricultural extension officers after seeing poor returns on its investment. While the private sector partially filled the gap, smallholder farmers in remote Andes regions Peru were left with limited access to quality extension services. CARE Peru has worked since 2004 to test models to fill this gap with incredible results.

Dak Achana: Pursuing Food Security With Market Engagement in Kenya

Elizabeth Akinyi moved to Rusinga Island on Kenya’s corner of Lake Victoria as a newly married young woman in the 1980s. She notes that before she participated in CARE’s Dak Achana project in 2004, “we were hungry through almost the whole year.” After her husband left for teacher training in Nairobi, she often had trouble affording vegetables or growing enough maize to supplement her family’s meals of fish from her days spent “pulling nets” on the lake. Food insecurity was a daily reality for her and her children.

Market Engagement Capacity Strategy

Currently, CARE is implementing over 74 economic development programs in 66 countries. CARE’s position as one of the world’s largest international non-governmental organizations allows its economic development programs to extend this reach to achieve lasting impacts in fighting poverty. Our focus on the underlying causes of poverty and long-term presence in many countries, allow us to mobilize partnerships and resources to address some of the most intractable challenges countries face, bringing in the specialized expertise that is needed.