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Reflections on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (REDI)

REDI training ensures we live CARE's values within our teams as we work together for gender equality.

Centering gender equality within our organization means ensuring staff are 100% committed to our goals. CARE’s REDI training allows staff the opportunity to consider how their own attitudes and experiences relate to their work and the effect this can have on the power dynamics they encounter in their role.

Developed and refined over many years with CARE teams worldwide, REDI takes staff on a journey of reflection and discovery. These multi-day workshops challenge them to consider their values, beliefs, biases and privileges and to confront sometimes uncomfortable questions of diversity and power

Graphic showing that individual identity, power dynamics in interactions, and organizational structure, policies and culture all lead to a diverse, inclusive workplace.

To promote equality in all we do, our staff must lead by example and model the behaviors we seek to change. This means frontline staff who won’t accept sexist or racist language, and leaders who allow space for all team members to have a voice.

CARE’s goal is to build a global team of diverse individuals who recognize that power relations between people are unequal and are inspired to take action in all aspects of their life and work to promote equity, diversity and inclusion. REDI training is a tool to help us achieve this.

“REDI really broadened our horizons to so many things, it is an eye and mind opener.”