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The PepsiCo Foundation invested $18.2 million to scale CARE’s She Feeds the World (SFtW) initiative and impact 5 million small-scale women producers and their families over six years (2018–2024). With this investment, The PepsiCo Foundation became CARE’s largest private-sector partner for SFtW.

The PepsiCo Foundation’s investment will advance SFtW in communities where the company operates by working with small-scale farming communities. SFtW Uganda concluded in 2022 having reached more than 541,000 producers with skills, resources, and knowledge. Programs are ongoing in Egypt, Peru, Vietnam, and Thailand. In line with PepsiCo Foundation’s commitment to scale the initiative, the partnership expanded to India, Pakistan, Colombia, and Turkey in 2023. The investment will reach 5 million women farmers and their families around the world with education, resources, and economic support to help them increase their crop yields and incomes and improve family nutrition. Specifically, SFtW will help women gain access to land rights, financing, and markets; acquire quality inputs and equipment; and implement sustainable agriculture practices. The program also is designed to help improve family nutrition and will engage men and boys to address cultural and societal barriers to gender equity.

A Peruvian woman with short hair kneels down in a field and holds up a bundle of large potatoes.
She Feeds the World Peru participant Alicia Gonzales in her potato plot, Day of the Woman Farmer 2021. Photo credit: 2021/CARE Peru