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She Feeds the World

She Feeds the World’s goal is to improve the food security and nutrition of poor rural households, with a strong emphasis on women small-scale producers.

The PepsiCo Foundation is partnering with CARE to tackle gender inequality in agriculture with an $18.2 million investment in She Feeds the World. The grant will provide resources and training to 5 million women farmers and their families worldwide to help them increase crop yields and income.


Women account for nearly half of all agricultural labor in developing countries and work as much as 13 hours more per week than men, often without training, proper tools, like seeds and fertilizers, and rights to their land. Research shows that if female farmers had the same access to resources as men, they could increase yields on their farms by 20–30 percent, potentially reducing the number of hungry people in the world by up to 150 million.

One of the key pillars of She Feeds the World is its focus on women’s empowerment, building on CARE’s existing women’s empowerment framework. CARE defines women’s empowerment as the sum total of changes needed for a woman to realize her full human rights – the interplay of changes in, Agency: her own aspirations and capabilities, Structure: the environment that surrounds and conditions her choices, and Relations: the power relations through which she negotiates her path.

She Feeds the World

She Feeds the World is CARE’s global programmatic framework to improve the food security and nutrition of poor rural households, with a strong emphasis on women small-scale producers.


She Feeds the World builds on our 70 years of experience to include a stronger focus on nutrition, women’s empowerment, market systems, and access to critical inputs like water and land. It works directly with women to build their skills and confidence in sustainable agriculture practices, market engagement, gender equality, and food and nutrition security. To continue to push the envelope on high quality programming, the program harnesses cutting edge research and innovation. We use evidence from that research and innovation to build strategic partnerships and advocacy approaches that fuel structural changes that scale up women’s access to resources. These approaches link women to markets, improve family nutrition, and break down barriers that trap small-scale women producers and their families in poverty.

She Feeds the World is structured in six outcome areas:

  1. Improving women’s empowerment
  2. Improving women’s access to resources
  3. Ensuring food security
  4. Improving women’s access to markets via inclusive value chains
  5. Improving nutrition in communities
  6. Multiplying the impact of agriculture through women small-scale producers
PepsiCo Foundation

The PepsiCo Foundation invested $18.2 million to scale CARE’s She Feeds the World initiative in six countries and impact 5 million small-scale women producers and their families over six years (2018–2024).


She Feeds the World

This 42-page document showcases She Feeds the World, CARE's strategic program framework for Food and Nutrition Security.

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