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CARE has partnered with The Pfizer Foundation since 2016 to improve healthcare delivery around the world. The partnership has supported maternal and child health programs in Benin and Nigeria. Launched in 2021, The Pfizer Foundation and CARE launched a two-year, $2 million program called Lafiyan Yara (Healthy Child): Reducing Infectious Disease among Children Under Five. The program aims to drive a measurable reduction in infectious diseases to reduce mortality in children under 5 in Nigeria. The program uses creative approaches to strengthening health systems, community-based care delivery, and advancing integrated care delivery models. This program works toward CARE’s 2030 goal of helping 50 million people globally increase the fulfillment of their right to health, and 30 million women their right to sexual and reproductive health. Visit Pfizer’s website to learn more about their work and core values.

Visit Pfizer’s website to learn more about their work and core values.