CARE's 5 Bold Moves

A Strategic Plan to End Poverty: CARE's 5 Bold Moves

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By 2020, CARE and our partners will support 200 million people from the most vulnerable and excluded communities to overcome poverty and social injustice. The world’s need demands that we act with urgency. Learn more about the 5 Bold Moves driving our strategic plan.

1. Innovate to multiply our impact

The global fight against poverty is entering a new phase. We will distill insights from our best projects for replication and scaling.

2. Resource the future of the fight against poverty

The fundraising environment for INGOs has changed dramatically. We will partner with donors to design projects for impact.

3. Pioneer the metrics of continual progress and accountability

Transparency and real-time feedback are becoming the norm in society. We will launch new methods to provide real-time visibility into the impact of our actions.

4. Build a movement through the power of story and engagement

Poverty eradication requires addressing policy barriers and changing attitudes especially toward women and girls. We will create a community of individuals and activists who share our passion for a better world.

5. Transform our operating model to an open platform

Innovation in the development sector is driven by many parties: communities, activists, funders and organizations. We will open ourselves to new ideas. 

CREDIT: Mary Kate MacIsaac/CARE