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CARE has been working in the Caucasus, a region located on the borders of Europe and Asia, since 1993. CARE combines income generation and business development, agriculture extension and infrastructure rehabilitation, good governance, and civil society development to address the underlying causes of poverty.

Responding to common needs and challenges, CARE works at a cross-border and regional level to support the development of civil society and reduce poverty. In partnership with local organizations, CARE strives to increase women’s roles in peace-building and supports dialogue across existing dividing lines in the South Caucasus.

CARE was among the first aid agencies to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Georgia in August 2008. Our efforts focused on helping those who fled their homes, those who returned to damaged and looted houses, and those struggling to make ends meet. We have offered both humanitarian aid to those affected by the conflict, and development assistance to the poorest in the rural areas of the South Caucasus.


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Child marriage is a gross human rights violation that puts young girls at great risk.