CARE COVID-19 Response

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The spread of COVID-19 has unthinkable consequences in the places CARE is already delivering lifesaving aid. Donate now and your gift will be MATCHED. 


For people already living in crisis, the effects of COVID-19 will be devastating. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CARE has launched one of the largest emergency response efforts in our 75-year history to help stop the spread. 

Right now, 63 out of the 100 countries where CARE works have started COVID-19 response efforts, including in the United States, reaching millions of people with direct assistance and even more through mass media campaigns promoting COVID-19 awareness and prevention. 

We work to promote handwashing and physical distancing in challenging environments like urban neighborhoods and refugee camps, drawing on our experience in addressing outbreaks of infectious disease – including, between 2015 and 2017, leading 57 projects aimed to stop the spread of epidemics like cholera, Ebola and Zika

We also respond to the unique challenges faced by women and girls – such as the burden of caring for the sick and out-of-school children, higher risk of infection, and susceptibility to the economic impact of COVID-19. As a recognized leader in gender in emergencies, CARE is also at the forefront of addressing the elevated threat of gender-based violence.



Global Response

CARE is continuing our humanitarian work, meeting the urgent needs of more than 100 million people. At the same time, building on our existing networks and relationships, we are scaling up pandemic response including:
•    Equipping households and healthcare facilities with hygiene supplies such as soap and disinfectant.
•    Disseminating accurate prevention information, including promoting handwashing and physical distancing.
•    Installing handwashing stations in schools, markets and other public places.
•    Providing clean water through emergency water trucking and distribution of safe water storage containers.
•    Addressing food shortages and other economic impacts of pandemic-related shutdowns.
•    Supporting and protecting our aid workers.


*Updated April 2020

What CARE is Doing

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