What Would You Take?

If You Had To Leave Your Home Behind, What Would You Take?


Many of the one million Syrian refugees CARE has helped in Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey tell us they fled their homes as tanks and bombs began hitting their street. Running for their lives, many had just a moment to grab a precious object on the way out — medicine, family documents, a child’s teddy bear.

"My mother knit this glove for my brother, Leith. He always wore it, in summer and winter. It's all I have from him. He was killed in the war. He was only 17." - Raneem

“As we left the house, she grabbed her teddy bear and held it as tightly as she held me.” - Faten's mom

"The moment I wanted to leave, all I could think about bringing was my high school certificate and my university notebook. I thought they may come in handy at some point, even if not now.” - Baraa

"My favorite memory from Syria is my uncle. We brought his photo with us when we left. He was only 22 when they killed him.” - Mardi


Faced with the grim choice that so many Syrians have been forced to make, what would you take? What would you take if war, or any disaster, forced you from your home suddenly, and possibly forever? #WhatWouldYouTake?


1. ANSWER: What would you take if you had to choose a single object before fleeing your home forever?

2. POST: Post a photo or video of yourself with your object on your social media. Explain briefly why you would take it. Include #WhatWouldYouTake in your post and tag CARE so we see it.

3. CHALLENGE: Tag 5 people and challenge them to complete steps 1, 2 and 3 or make a donation to help Syrian refugees and others in the poorest countries around the world.


The humanitarian plight of more than 7 million people displaced inside Syria and the 4 million refugees scattered in the region is growing more dismal by the day. 

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