Syrian Humanitarian Crisis Growing More Dire

Syrian Humanitarian Crisis Growing More Dire

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More than three years after the start of the Syrian war, the humanitarian plight of more than 6 million people displaced inside Syria and the 2.5 million refugees scattered in the region is growing more dismal by the day and is currently considered the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. In the latest sign of the increasingly troubled outlook, a new refugee camp is scheduled to open in Jordan later this spring. The new Azraq camp is expected to relieve some of the pressure from the sprawling Za’atari camp. Still, more than 80 percent of Syria’s refugees are not living in camps, but in nearby cities, towns and villages. CARE has found in a new study that the more than half a million Syrian refugees living in urban areas in Jordan are struggling more than ever to cope with inadequate housing, high debts, rising costs of living and educational challenges for their children. Nine out of ten refugees owe hundreds of dollars to relatives, landlords, shopkeepers or neighbors. Three years after the beginning of the crisis Syrian refugees have become more and more destitute. They have fled from their homes months or years ago and they have run out of savings.

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A family near Mafraq, Jordan. Photo: Harry CHUN / CARE