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Second Annual Fireside Chat with Michelle Nunn

CARE - The Thomas L Williams Legacy Society

A Fireside Chat with Michelle Nunn

CARE president and CEO, Michelle Nunn, invites you into her home for a conversation with long-time donor and Thomas L. Williams Legacy Society member, Bobbie Lord.

Michelle Nunn sitting in front of a fireplace.

About Bobbie Lord

Long-time CARE donor Bobbie Lord

Bobbie was born in Portland, Maine. She attended Goucher College where she majored in child development. She married and raised two sons, and after 26 years of marriage, Bobbie and her husband divorced. Wanting to make a difference in people’s lives, at the age of 51, she moved to Nairobi, Kenya. Bobbie went on to work for several organizations in Africa, and, while working in a refugee camp on the Kenya / Somali boarder, she was first introduced to CARE, as CARE supplied all the food and supplies to the camp. After her work in the refugee camp was finished, she continued to work with other NGOs in Zambia and Albania.

Bobbie has supported CARE since 1997 and has funded a charitable gift annuity, meaning that she invested in CARE’s future, while providing income for herself in retirement. Additionally, she attended the CARE National Convention in 2004 and continues to advocate for women and girls around the world.

CARE Legacy Society

For more information about CARE’s Thomas L. Williams Legacy Society, please contact Liz Truscott at elizabeth.truscott@care.org, call (800) 752-6004, or visit our website at caresfuture.org.

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