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Etinosa Yvonne

Etinosa Yvonne headshot

Etinosa Yvonne (b. 1989) is a self-taught documentary photographer and visual artist born and brought up in Nigeria. She works with various art forms including photos and videos. The primary focus of her work is the exploration of themes related to culture, religion, tradition, the environment, the human condition and social injustice.

She has received grants from National Geographic Society, Art X, Women Photograph as well as an award from National Geographic in partnership with Lagos Photo and the Royal Photographic Society for her project; It’s All In My Head.Her works have been shown in festivals, museums and galleries in different parts of the world. Her works have also been published in several international publications. She currently resides in Abuja, Nigeria.

Who has shaped the way you show up today as an artist and/or activist?

Etinosa: There are so many people that have shaped the way that I show up today including my parents, my siblings, my extended family, past employers (the good and the bad), friends, colleagues, mentors, clients, critics, different people I have encountered in my society at various times and stages of my life and the many people I observe, interact, question and reflect on on a daily basis.

What is the power of connecting artists working at the intersection of arts and social movements across different geographies?

One of the most powerful things about connecting various artists working at the intersection of arts and social movements across different geographies is that each artist brings a different perspective which people can learn from. It also shows the similarities that exist in different parts of the world thereby making it easier to collaborate, exchange ideas and figure out ways to make the world a better place.

How do you see art with relation to social change and movements, toward gender justice and decolonization?

Art has played and will continue to play an important role in various movements. Be it through written articles, performance, photography, art has a history of influencing thought processes and policies. Art can cause a transformation as well as a renewal of the mind.

Change comes slowly, however, I believe that by continuously and intentionally highlighting these issues through my works and practice, the change I desire will come.