CAN member Paige Miller wins the 2013 "I am Powerful" Award!

CAN Member Paige Miller Wins the 2013 "I am Powerful" Award!

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Paige Miller is a mother of two from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She has been working with CARE for approximately five years and currently serves as an Alabama State Chair for the CARE Action Network. Over the years, Paige has increased her commitment to CARE, dedicating more time and effort to promoting awareness of the organization. Miller has been a champion for CARE’s work, helping to organize a group of local supporters, bringing Alabamans to Washington D.C. to advocate for CARE, and engaging Members of Congress both on the Hill and back home each year.

Miller was first introduced to CARE through her church’s governing body, the Presbytery of Sheppards & Lapsley. Because of her church's interest in assisting the poor around the world, the Associate Executive for Missional Development was recruiting members to attend the CARE National Conference (NCC) in May, 2009, and Miller was among those selected.

After attending the NCC in 2009, Miller learned how she could become involved with CARE through the CARE Action Network back in her home state of Alabama. Miller has frequently reflected on the stories she heard and the people she met, which have compelled her to attend the conference every year since. Paige has enjoyed attending CARE’s National Conferences over the years, but says her favorite moment was hearing Hillary Clinton speak in 2010. Miller stated that Clinton is one of her heroes and to hear her talk about empowering women around the world was one of the “highlights of her life.”

Paige Miller has been working to educate individuals in her local community and in the state of Alabama on how CARE’s priority issues also relate to domestic policy and social justice. Miller and her church hosted a luncheon which a variety of people attended to learn more about ways to get involved with CARE.  She has also helped to coordinate several in-district meetings with legislators to help influence congressional support for key pieces of legislation that affect CARE’s work.  Moreover, in fall 2010, Miller conducted a presentation on preventing child marriage at the University of Alabama.

Through her work with CARE, Paige has learned about the role that programs such as water and sanitation can have in promoting gender empowerment and eradicating poverty. CARE has also served as a mechanism for Miller to voice her support for ending gender-based violence. This interest in CARE grew stronger as Miller learned more about the organization’s focus on empowering women and girls.

Miller hopes that the volunteer work she does for CARE will contribute to the larger movement of ending gender-based violence. She also hopes to set a positive example for her two sons, educating them about the responsibility we all have in helping others in our local and global communities.

It's clear that Miller’s dedication has greatly paid off. She helped influence Andrew Newton of Senator Richard Shelby’s office to participate in a CARE Learning Tour trip to Haiti to learn more about CARE’s work on the ground. Additionally, only an hour after a meeting with Rep. Terri Sewell, Miller found out that Sewell had already signed on to a letter to Secretary of State, John Kerry, asking him to make ending gender-based violence a global priority.

Miller’s hard work has not gone unnoticed. In 2013, CARE granted the Alabama Chair with the “I am Powerful Award”, which recognizes outstanding leadership and commitment to CARE’s advocacy work.

Paige (right) is awarded CARE's "I am Powerful" award at the 2013 CARE Conference and International Women's Day Celebration.


Paige Miller: CARE Action Network Member