You may never travel to Mali to assist in the fight against poverty, or walk alongside women in Ecuador to harvest the mist that yields precious water. But hosting an event can take your compassion and influence there. We appreciate all you’re doing to help CARE deliver lasting change, and we want to support you every step along the way. That includes answering any questions you may have, such as:

What kind of event should it be? 

It all depends on your preferences. Some people like to celebrate birthdays by inviting friends to give to CARE in lieu of birthday gifts. Others like to plan parties around sports (Kickball for CARE, anyone?) Use your imagination and get creative, or make it a low-key affair that’s simple yet effective at raising awareness. And you don’t have to skimp on the fun part of socializing with your friends. There’s no reason why giving back can’t be enjoyable too. 

How many people should I invite?

Again, that can be determined by any number of factors. If the event will be held at home, you already have an idea of how many people will make a comfortable audience. If it’s a community-wide event, you can publicize the event and open it up to anyone who’s interested. Our rule of thumb is to ask as many as you’d like to participate, remembering that some people on the invitation list will be unable to attend.

Speaking of invites, what kinds of materials will I need?

Rest easy. CARE has an array of tools, materials and resources available to you for download or ordering in our Online Toolkit. It includes the following:

A step-by-step Event Guide to help you plan, set up, host and follow up after the event
Customizable invitations  

  • A PowerPoint presentation providing an inspiring look at the way CARE brings innovative solutions to deep-rooted problems
  • Videos – An insightful look at how CARE has evolved over the last 70 years, along with videos of CARE in the field
  • CARE 101 brochure providing a quick glimpse into CARE and our work
  • CARE action cards with helpful information on how to advocate, donate and stay   involved with CARE
  • One-page summary of CARE’s 2014 Annual Report, with glimpses into the lives of  people who are reaping the benefits of lasting change
  • CARE Action Network Advocacy Agenda, with insights on policy recommendations that CARE offers to help ensure effective foreign assistance programs
  • CARE Action Network advocacy brochure that talks about getting involved and working with other CARE supporters to achieve lasting change
  • Small CARE Package replica reminds everyone of how CARE Packages” got started
  • CARE table cards, which do double duty as conversation starters and colorful event decor

 You can download these from our Event Toolkit Resources page, or request the videos on DVD and decorative items (small Care Package and CARE table cards) to be mailed to you. Please allow 2-4 weeks for mailed items to arrive at your mailing address.   

I’m not sure I’ll be comfortable giving a presentation. Do I have other options?

YES! You can request a speaker from CARE. Our trained presenters, who may be staff members or advocates, are available to speak on a variety of topics related to extreme poverty and CARE’s many programs that combat it. You will need to request a speaker at least six weeks before your event, and we cannot guarantee a speaker will be available. Go to the Request a Speaker page of the online Event Toolkit and tell us about your event and the topic you’re most interested in. You can see all of the concerns that CARE is focusing on by clicking the Our Work tab on the www.CARE.org home page.

Should I ask for donations?

Of course, we welcome all donations, and use them responsibly and effectively. (Ninety percent of CARE’s expended resources are devoted entirely to poverty-fighting program activities.) A good way to invite contributions is by setting up a personal page on CrowdRise, the popular online fundraising platform. Instructions (it’s surprisingly simple) are at https://www.crowdrise.com/fundraise-and-volunteer/signup/create/0/care. You can also encourage people to donate at www.CARE.org/teamcare. Several options are available, from making one-time gifts to scheduling monthly contributions on an ongoing basis. By the way, if you’re asked, CARE is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. (EIN/tax ID number: 13-168-5039)

How can I continue to advocate for CARE after the event?

That’s easy! You can join more than 200,000 advocates who are part of the CARE Action Network (CAN) and a global movement standing up for the rights of women, children and poor families around the world. These devoted supporters engage in a wide variety of activities which include: signing CARE petitions regarding critical areas of need; voicing concerns to legislators; participating in CARE events held in your community; attending our annual National Conference in Washington, D. C.; and more.

Click here to contact the CARE Advocacy Coordinator in your area to learn how you can get involved.  

To join the CARE Action Network, register here.  

What if I have other questions?

Please let us know!  You can contact Dannielle Thomas by phone at 404-979-9108 or via email at dthomas@care.org.  We welcome your inquiries and look forward to helping you make your event the best it can be.